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Rita Crawford-Graham

Rita Crawford-Graham
  • Physical Address
    8425 Airport Rd
    Berkeley, MO 63134
Primary Department: Mayor & City Council

Professional Profile

Term: April 2022 - April 2026

Honorable Rita Crawford-Graham was elected to represent the city as Councilwoman-at-Large on April 5, 2022.

Rita Crawford-Graham has been a standing resident in the City of Berkeley for 45 years. Ten of those years she travelled with her husband Anthony overseas and later returned stateside. She is the proud mother of two Sons Anthony and De'Angelo and grandmother of four children Kelsie, Austin, De'Asha and Kylah. 

Rita began her career by working Federal Service. She served in occupations as Secretary, Training Instructor, Computer Lab Manager and Program Specialist. She worked for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center from 1988 to 2000. She worked for The United States Postal Service at the Main post office and the Annex in Hazelwood. 

Rita fights for justice, equality and fairness. She was called by God to get involved in the City of Berkeley. She had a voice, but didn't like the way some things were. God challenged her to be the change. She served on The Berkeley Betterment Commission as Secretary and later as Chairperson. She served as Councilwoman Ward II and now graciously performs the role of Councilwoman At-Large. 

Rita enjoys teaching, witnessing, praising, worshipping, and testifying to others about the goodness of the Lord. As a servant of God we must talk the talk, but we also must walk the walk. We're being watched by the world to see if we are really God's representatives. Then you have that crisis of belief moment to know God for yourself. The worse disservice you can do is to not know that God, not man is watching everything you do. Once you come to that fork in the road you then begin to live more intentional. 

Rita's view on life is simple, but very full. Her Motto is "Leave Things Better Than You Found Them". Meaning that no matter what situation, relationship, place, or job you're a part of you should always add value to it and leave it better than you found it. This will lead to you being more welcome everywhere you go. 

Rita served as Sabbath School Superintendent at Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. She served as Church Facilitator and Activities Coordinator with her partner Teondra Lyles at University Forest Park Nursing Home from 2008 to 2020. COVID brought about massive changes all over the world and due to health concerns was forced to end that endeavor. She presently teaches Sabbath School at Lighthouse Seventh Day Adventist Church; where she is an avid member. 

Rita's top three priorities in her role as Councilwoman At-Large....

  1. The home rental rate cap set was rescinded. We're in Phase II of offering opportunities for homeowners to lawfully possess properties and land. 
  2. We completed continued education with (Housing and Urban Development) HUD to establish cooperatives with local housing and development agencies to improve, streamline and enforce fair housing laws. 
  3. We hired an Economic Development Director. This puts the City of Berkeley right on schedule to collaborate with community development to undergo commercial, urban and economic growth. If we build it, they will come!

Berkeley's vision is being manifested right before your eyes. We thank you as a Council to let us serve with dignity, honor and respect.