Berkeley History

The City of Berkeley has a rich history.

First hydro-aero delivery   In 1911, “Post Office Aero Plane Station No. 1” was established at Kinloch Field, a product of Major Lambert’s lively imagination. Above, Hugh Robinson, a local aviator, delivers the first hydro-aero mail to Postmaster Hitchcock.
Teddy Roosevelt's First Flight in Berkeley

Former President Theodore Roosevelt’s first plane ride at the International Aviation Meet was piloted by Arch Hoxey in a Wright pusher plane at Kinloch Field on October 11, 1910.

When Roosevelt landed after his first flight, the hero of San Juan Hill and survivor of an aero plane ride, characteristically described the experience as “Bully.”

Hancock School Building

Hancock School served many purposes.

In 1932, it housed both elementary and high schools.

Ramona Lake and Community Center Ramona Lake Park is located off Springdale Ave. and features a 7-acre lake which is kept well stocked for the city’s fishermen. A community center was also located in this park that was available for use by the public. The park itself dates back to the turn of the century when it was the site of the Ramona Lake streetcar loop and a thoroughbred dog-racing track.
Civic Center - 6120 Madison The Berkeley Civic Center at 6120 Madison Ave. served a dual purpose. The second floor of the building housed the administrative offices of the Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for creating, coordinating, and implementing recreational programs to meet the leisure needs of Berkeley residents. The Civic Center downstairs is used for various community activities and can be reserved for special functions, such as wedding receptions. The center accommodates 250.
The Washington Post Article - 8/23/1942

The Washington Post, dated Sunday, August 23, 1942.

World’s First “Blitz” Attack of Plane on Ship Took Place in St. Louis 32 Years Ago

Firehouse #2 - 9265 Natural Bridge The city’s second fire station, located at 9265 Natural Bridge Road, handles emergencies in the southern portion of the city. This fire sta-tion houses a 1250 Pumper and a chemical unit that carries 1,000 pounds of dry chemicals for use in industrial emergencies.
Berkeley Municipal Pool - 6400 Evergreen The Berkeley Municipal Pool at 6400 Evergreen is owned and operated by the city and features two pools—a racing pool and a diving recreational pool. A kiddie pool is available for young children. The facility attracts thousands of participants in a diversified program which includes learn-to-swim lessons, swim teams, adult swim lessons, and special events as well as recreational swimming.
First City Hall - SW Corner of Airport & N. Hanley Located on the southwest corner of Airport and North Hanley, across from the second city hall. The old city hall building was once the Frog Pond Tavern.