We are excited to announce that we are bringing some long-awaited improvements and updates to our city parks.  We are replacing worn out fixtures and, in many cases, bringing brand new amenities.  Below is a summary of what will be done this summer for our parks.  Be sure to visit our parks to see the progress of these projects and more as we continue to improve the city for our residents.

Jackson Park

  • Rehabbing/preparing baseball fields for Redbird Rookies 
  • 4 new basketball courts 
  • Installation of the new fitness studio 
  • New trash cans
  • New bleachers for baseball fields

Municipal Pool 

  • Rehabbing/repairing pool for Summer opening 
  • New siding on the pool house 
  • New/rehabbed fencing 
  • Installation of the Splash Pad 
  • New shade structures (will be a change order instead of a new RFP) 
  • New trash cans
  • New seating

Frostwood Park 

  • New parking 
  • New outfield and batter’s box fencing at the baseball field and rehabilitation of the field
  • Tennis court repair
  • Basketball court repair
  • Rehab or replacing of the playground equipment 

Independence Park

  • New parking 
  • New basketball courts 
  • New benches
  • New trash cans
  • Expanded parking 
  • Rehab or replacing of the playground equipment 
  • Rehab of the restroom building 

Edgewood Montgomery Park 

  • New benches
  • New basketball court
  • New trash cans
  • Removal or rehab of the derelict restroom building 

Midwood Neighborhood Park 

  • New or rehabbed fencing, pavilion, and playground equipment 

Ramona Matheson Lake Park

  • Repairs and improvements at the lake house 
  • Tree trimming and brush clearing 

Short Park

  • Repair of playground equipment 

Frost Park

  • Tree removal
  • Addition of a small pavilion 
  • Addition of fencing to shield the Ameren substation 

Preston Park

  • Cleaning of playground equipment 
  • New trash cans
  • New benches

Cold Springs Park 

  • Cleaning of playground equipment 
  • New trash cans
  • New benches

Ward 2 Pocket Park

  • New benches and shade structures
  • New plantings