Economic Development

Mission Statement

To revitalize the economic base of the community by establishing the most practical, vigorous and dynamic business climate in the Berkeley area by first focusing on main corridors leading through Berkeley’s commercial and industrial districts; improve business relationships, create job growth and stabilize housing in our residential districts.

About The Department

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for planning, regulating, and promoting development within the City of Berkeley.

The Department ensures that development activity within the City reflects the goals, objectives, and policies advocated by residents and approved by the City Council, ad represented in the City’s Comprehensive Plan (hyperlink to plan).

The three primary duties of the Department are to provide:

  • Planning services through implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and oversight and regulation of the City's Zoning, Subdivision, and Sign Code Regulations;
  • Economic Development assistance through administration of various redevelopment mechanisms available to businesses and residents; and
  • Neighborhood Improvement assistance for locally initiated housing, business resource, and neighborhood projects (ex: dollar home program).

In addition, the Department provides assistance and guidance to residents, property owners, business owners, and developers seeking to develop or redevelop property within the City. The Department also provides staff for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Economic Development Sales Tax Commission.


  • Elliot Liebson, Director of Planning and Development
  • Dalton Mertens, Economic Development Coordinator


Want to find out more about Development Opportunities in Berkeley? Contact Elliot Liebson at 314-400-3705 or