Berkeley Division Court Calendar

Berkeley Consolidated Division Schedule 2023

        FTA and non traffic ONLY
  1:00PM 1:00PM 5:00PM-virtual
  Cut-Off Court Date Court Date Court Date
  Last date to issue  
January 10-Dec 5-Jan 12-Jan 19-Jan
February 8-Jan 2-Feb 9-Feb 16-Feb
March 7-Feb 2-Mar 9-Mar 16-Mar
April 5-Mar 6-Apr 13-Apr 20-Apr
May 3-Apr 4-May 11-May No third docket
June 5-May 1-Jun 8 -Jun 15-Jun
July 5-Jun 6-Jul 13-Jul 20-Jul
August 1-Jul 3-Aug 10-Aug 7-Aug
September 3-Aug 7-Sep 14-Sep 21-Sep
October 2-Sep 5-Oct 12-Oct 19-Oct
November 4-Oct 2-Nov 9-Nov no third docket
December 2-Nov 7-Dec 14-Dec no third docket

Honorable Judge Danelle Duffy
Provisional Judge

Court Clerk II- Levista Lawson ext. 3729

Court Supervisor - Alexis Proebsting ext. 3728/3727