Provide Protection

Protection to the residents and business owners/employees is provided in the form of high visibility by uniformed patrol officers in marked patrol vehicles throughout the City of Berkeley in anticipation and expectation of preventing and deterring criminal activity. In some instances, non-uniform officers in unmarked vehicles are utilized to detect illegal activity and apprehend those responsible. During the summer months, our bicycle patrol unit is activated and patrols throughout the city, too include, area neighborhoods, business areas and our City parks.

Services and Assistance

There are a variety of programs available depending on the particular service and/or assistance that are to be rendered. For citizenry, the Department practices, “Community Oriented Policing, (COPS)”, “Drug Abuse Resistance Education, (DARE)”, “Safety Through Effective Patrol, (STEPS) and our “Neighbor Watch Program”. For businesses throughout the community the Department has the “Night Eyes Program”, which provides information to business owners on incidences of insecure structures and identifiable concerns the owners may not be aware of.  Additionally, the Department, along with other City Departments has instituted the “Save Our Streets Team, (SOS)”, which utilizes all resources within the City to identify and rectify problem issues within our community. The Department continues to participate in safety talks to school children, various parades and public events.

Investigation of Crimes

Investigative work includes delving and probing into all aspects of suspected criminal activity. The uniformed division is responsible for the initial investigation of all criminal activity. If the initial responding officer unable to complete the investigation, the case is forwarded to the Bureau of Investigations, which is composed of a Detective Captain and five (4) Investigators. These officers report directly to the Bureau Commander who reports to the Chief of Police.  Their primary task is to scrutinize statements and evidence, research circumstances surrounding the crime and to make appropriate inquiries. Additionally, the investigators are required to perform background checks on law enforcement employment applications, probes or liquor and merchant license applications and general investigative duties required for law enforcement purposes.

Maintaining Law and Order

This occurs when officers enforce the dictates of State Statutes and City Ordinances without prejudice. Law enforcement activities include, but are not limited to, minimizing crimes in progress, arresting persons suspected of criminal activity, proper booking and processing of those accused, applying for and obtaining warrants through the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and when necessary, confining those suspected of the mentioned activity. Officers also participate in the court proceedings of those suspected of criminal activity for the purpose of obtaining lawful convictions.