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A Planned Progressive Community

Welcome to the City of Berkeley, Missouri. Located in St. Louis County, Berkeley is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis and was incorporated in 1937. Berkeley is known for being the home of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. Portions of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport are also located within city limits.

We invite you to browse our website; here, you can find information on City Government, Community Development, information on Parks and Recreation in the City of Berkeley, and much more.

Mayor & City Council

Mission from City Charter

All powers of the City of Berkeley shall be vested in an elective City Council pursuant to the provisions of the City Charter and subject only to the limitations imposed within and by the Constitution of the state of Missouri. The Council shall appoint a City Manager who shall execute the laws and administer the government of the City.

About the City Council

The City Council consists of seven members elected for 4 year terms. One of the members is the Mayor, who is considered the President of the Council. Another one of the members is known as the Council-at-Large, who is considered the Vice President of the Council. The Mayor and Council-at-Large are elected city-wide by the qualified voters. The other five Council Members are representatives elected from each Ward by the qualified voters of the respective Wards.

All Council meetings are conducted on the first and third Mondays of every month at 7:00 pm at the Berkeley City Hall. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Cancellation of any meeting will be posted in the city hall and website.

Contact: Deanna L. Jones, City Clerk 314-524-3313 ext. 3756

City Council Members

  • Babatunde Deinbo, Mayor - Bio | Email
  • Rita Crawford-Graham, Councilwoman-at-Large - Bio | Email
  • Gwendolyn Verges, Councilwoman Ward I - Bio | Email
  • Brenda F. Williams, Councilwoman Ward II - Bio | Email
  • Theodore Hoskins, Councilman Ward III - Bio | Email
  • Willie Mae Anthony, Councilwoman Ward IV - Bio | Email
  • Elias Hindeleh, Councilman Ward V - Bio | Email

View an interactive map of the City Council wards


Mission Statement

To conduct the general administrative activities of the City, Risk Management, Human Resources, and communicating with individuals and businesses both within the community and outside of the community, enforcing and administering City policies, administering the City’s sanitation and recycling services contracts, and providing general staff assistance to the other City departments and to City management.

About the Department

The Administration Department is responsible for supervising and coordinating the operations of all City departments within the local government including;

  • Advising the City Council on policy matters
  • Implementing the policies of the Council
  • Formulating the City budget, ensuring that the budget is executed as authorized by the City Council
  • Enforcing all ordinances
  • Responding to citizen inquiries and coordinating City service requests
  • Disseminating public information to the residents and businesses and maintaining the official City records.

The Administration Department is led by the City Manager.



To contact the Administration Department, please call 314-524-3313.

City Clerk

Mission Statement

To provide transparent, accurate, and timely legislative history; safeguard all official records of the City; administer open elections; and deliver information and services efficiently and accurately to the Council and to the public.

About the Department

The City Clerk, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, prepares agendas and notices for council meetings, records proceedings from such meetings, and continually provides administrative and secretarial support for the city council.

As the custodian of records, the City Clerk maintains meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions and other vital documents, as well as the Seal of the City. In addition, the City Clerk performs voter registrations, notary public services, accepts candidacy filings for municipal elections, and administers the Oath of Office to elected officials, required employees and board & commission members.

Other functions of the City Clerk include, but are not limited to, interactions with citizens wishing to express concerns regarding service issues to be directed to appropriate staff and/or Council.


  • Deanna Jones, City Clerk


For more information, contact the City Clerk at (314) 524-3313 ext. 3756.

City Boards & Commissions

The City of Berkeley has a large number of board and commissions that offer an excellent opportunity for volunteer services by citizens to citizens of the City of Berkeley.

Each board or commission is an integral component of the City of Berkeley regardless of its size, or relative degree of sophistication, and complexity of issues. Some require more time, attention, and energy than others. All of them require a degree of service, responsibility, and integrity.

Citizens who wish to participate can speak with your council member and request where you would like to volunteer your service, or submit an application to the City Clerk to forward to your council member. Please make sure to note which board or commission you are interested in joining. All appointments are made an approved by the City Council during regular City Council meetings.

Each board meets regularly, though meeting times and locations vary. For more information call the City Clerk’s office at 314-524-3313 ext. 3756.

Current List of Boards & Commissions

  • Betterment Commission
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Economic Development Commission
  • City Planning Commission
  • Civil Service Board
  • Park Board
  • Police & Fire Pension Board

You will find all meeting agendas and minutes for these boards, as well as the City Council, in the Meeting Center.

Economic Development

Mission Statement

To revitalize the economic base of the community by establishing the most practical, vigorous and dynamic business climate in the Berkeley area by first focusing on main corridors leading through Berkeley’s commercial and industrial districts; improve business relationships, create job growth and stabilize housing in our residential districts.

About The Department

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for planning, regulating, and promoting development within the City of Berkeley.

The Department ensures that development activity within the City reflects the goals, objectives, and policies advocated by residents and approved by the City Council, ad represented in the City’s Comprehensive Plan (hyperlink to plan).

The three primary duties of the Department are to provide:

  • Planning services through implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and oversight and regulation of the City's Zoning, Subdivision, and Sign Code Regulations;
  • Economic Development assistance through administration of various redevelopment mechanisms available to businesses and residents; and
  • Neighborhood Improvement assistance for locally initiated housing, business resource, and neighborhood projects (ex: dollar home program).

In addition, the Department provides assistance and guidance to residents, property owners, business owners, and developers seeking to develop or redevelop property within the City. The Department also provides staff for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Economic Development Sales Tax Commission.


  • Elliot Liebson, Director of Planning and Development
  • Dalton Mertens, Economic Development Coordinator


Want to find out more about Development Opportunities in Berkeley? Contact Elliot Liebson at 314-400-3705 or eliebson@ci.berkeley.mo.us 


Mission Statement

To provide clear, accurate, and timely financial information services and reporting within the organization and to the public. Provide for safekeeping and the prudent investment of all City funds as well as strict budgetary control over all departments. Collect all revenues of the City in a courteous and equitable manner.

About the Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of all financial matters concerning the City of Berkeley. The Finance Department supplies accounting services for municipal financial resources in accordance of city ordinances as well as federal and state laws.  The Department is also responsible for collecting revenues, paying expenditures, monitoring the City's investments, developing the annual operating budget, providing the City Council and the City Manager with both short and long-term financial forecasts while advising of the financial affairs of the City, and coordinating efforts with public accountants to accomplish an annual certified audit of the city's operation. 

The Finance Department also processes applications for and the licensing of businesses, liquor, parking, boats, peddler, charitable solicitation, and landlord/rental licenses.


  • Torenzo Ford, Finance Director
  • LeKesha Lee, Staff Accountant
  • Karema Thabet, Finance Clerk
  • Kayla Walton, Finance Admin 

Fire Department

Fire House 1 with Equipment

Mission Statement

It is the Berkeley Fire Department’s mission to proudly serve our community and residents through our dedication to saving lives and protecting property with exceptional fire suppression tactics, operations, and Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services. Your Professional Firefighters of Berkeley are prepared to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Berkeley Fire Department operates under our core values of:

PROFESSIONALISM: We are professionals in every aspect of our duty to our Berkeley community. As Professional Firefighters of Berkeley we conduct ourselves with honor, responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence every single day.

QUALITY: Your Professional Firefighters of Berkeley pride ourselves on the quality of our skills which we continuously hone with daily training and by adhering to the highest operational standards so that we are prepared at a moment’s notice in the event of your emergency.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: At the Berkeley Fire Department community service is a lifestyle. The Professional Firefighters of Berkeley are public servants not only on duty but off as well. We are honored to give back and assist our Berkeley community and residents with the purpose of public safety at the forefront of everything that we do.

Berkeley Fire Logo   AFL CIO Logo

Proudly Serving Our Berkeley Community

Human Resources

Mission Statement

The Human Resources mission for the City of Berkeley will provide service in a fair, accurate and professional manner. In support of the City's goals, we will maintain a welcoming, confidential, compliant environment and act as a solutions-oriented partner where employees are appropriately placed, oriented and provided the resources necessary to achieve optimal work performance and a rewarding work life. Our primary goal is employee engagement that promotes a healthy work/life balance. 

About the Department

When positions within the City of Berkeley become available, they will be posted on line. Deadline dates for applications will vary depending on position and need. All applications can be completed on line. Qualified applicants will be contacted for consideration.


  • April Walton, Human Resource Director

Berkeley Consolidated Division

Mission Statement

The Berkeley Consolidated as a division of the St. Louis County 21st Judicial Circuit of Missouri. Our duty is to provide both a process and forum for ensuring due process of the law. It is our goal to do so by providing a fair and impartial resolution of municipal ordinance violations in a professional and courteous manner. Our court is open to the public.

About the Court

Traffic Violation Bureau

Hours of operation 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday

Parties can appear at the traffic violation bureau (TVB) to obtain case information and make payments.


  • Judge Danelle Duffy, Presiding Judge
  • Alexis Proebsting, Court Supervisor
  • Levista Lawson, Court Clerk II

Parks & Recreation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide indoor and outdoor recreational activities that enhance the lives of the residents in the City of Berkeley, MO.


  • Redbird Rookies Youth Baseball Program
  • Ramona Lake Fishing Derby
  • Berkeley Easter Egg Extravaganza


  • Park Maintenance Supervisor, Vacant

Police Department

Mission Statement

The Police Department’s foremost obligation is to always be responsive to the needs of the community, residents and business owners of the City of Berkeley by providing protection, service, assistance, investigation of crimes and the maintenance of law and order. 

About the Department

In lieu of the aforementioned, the Police Department is composed of understanding, yet uncompromising officers that have no tolerance for criminal activity or behavior. Our primary mission is to protect, serve, and sustain supporting partnerships, with the community.

To accomplish this mission, the Department is staffed with thirty-five (35) full-time commissioned officers and a civilian staff consisting of nine (9). Service and protection is provided twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

In an effort to obtain and maintain the public’s trust and confidence, those chosen to be a member of the City of Berkeley Police Department must possess irreproachable values that will manage all work and decisions. These values are founded and promulgated within the Police Department’s policies, operational guidelines, rules and regulations. These documents assist the Department in achieving the primary goals of its mission, to make the City of Berkeley a safer place to live, work and raise a family. To accomplish this objective, the department needs the support of our citizens and city officials alike, to facilitate our performance and quality of services that these values commit the Department to provide.

The Berkeley Police Department has obtained a grant from the Department of Justice for Body Worn Cameras (BWC). The BWCs will be used by the Patrol Division to record interactions with the public. An announcement will be made when the officers will begin using the BWCs.

NOTE: Our Records Division is NOT handling requests for Moline Acres police records.  To obtain a copy of a police record for Moline Acres, please call Moline Acres Police Department at (314) 868-2433 ext. 721.


The Berkeley Police Department is Internationally Accredited with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)

We are currently hiring for several opportunities.  Please click the Human Resources link https://www.berkeleymo.us/hr/ to explore full job descriptions and access job applications.

PD Employment FlyerLock It or Lose It


  • Chief, Art Jackson
  • Major, Steve Runge
  • Captain (CALEA & Training Coordinator), Evelio Valdespino
  • Captain (Field Operations), Jules Alligood
  • Captain (Field Operations), VACANT
  • Detective Sergeant, George Ervin
  • Detective (Evidence Manager), William Thomas
  • Evidence Technician, Floretta Mitchell
  • Crime Free Housing Coordinator, Detective Ronnell Johnson
  • Custodian of Records, Latrea Grider
  • Secretary, Kymberly Graham

Public Works

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the community with the resources to efficiently manage and maintain those services and facilities that are vital to our community’s health, safety, and welfare.

About the Department

Our mission is to provide essential and quality of life services to the citizens of Berkeley in the most courteous, convenient and cost-effective manner. The Public Works Department is responsible for construction, maintenance, and repair of the City’s infrastructure systems

The Public Works Department is responsible for construction, maintenance, and repair of the City’s infrastructure systems.  Construction and repair responsibilities are scheduled as specific times throughout the year, while maintenance responsibilities are generally conducted on an ongoing basis. Infrastructure may specifically include concrete and asphalt streets, street signage, gutters, curbs, sidewalks, street sweeping, and leaf pickup.

The Public Works Director is responsible for plan review of site plans, special use permits, providing information to residents, developers and anyone else interested in performing work on city streets. We also manage the city’s sewer lateral program.    

The Public Works Department is responsible for seeking competitive bids on the City Trash Contract every five years.

The Public Works Department at the City of Berkeley consists of four divisions (i.e. Streets, Central Garage, Inspections and/or Code Enforcement, including Animal Control and Facilities).


Public Works is made up of the following divisions:

Forms and Permits

  • Sewer Lateral Repair Program Application


General Court Information

Effective July 15, 2021 dockets will be held Via WebEx MEETING ID 146 299 3580

  • All requests for continuances must be submitted in writing for the court to review.
  • No continuances will be granted by telephone.
  • Defendants must appear in person to discuss their cases; if you are represented by an attorney you must appear in court.
  • If you have a warrant you will not be arrested if you appear at the traffic violation bureau to discuss your case(s).


  • All communication with the Court shall have a date, defendant's name and date of birth, attorney's name, signature and Missouri bar number.
  • All motions must be in writing or in open court
  • Requests for recommendation must be directed to the prosecuting attorney in a separate envelope from the entry of appearance
  • Recommendations to be filed and approved my the court must include the attorney and defendant's signature and date.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of the accepted plea agreement will require an appearance in court by the Attorney and/or defendant.

Prosecuting Attorney


Prosecuting Attorney -   Donnell Smith

Prosecutor's Assistant 


For all prosecutorial matters, please call (314) 361-2500

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